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Lil Willowcreek Farm
Nigerian Dwarf Bucks


Dragonfly CP Thor

S: Dragonfly Sol Capriccio *B
D: Dragonfly CP Andraste


Buttin'Heads Tomyche

S: Dill's SM Hold My Piece
D: GCH Buttin'Heads Japanese Washi ++VV85

Minimal Paper Coming Soon Instagram Post .png

Celtic Pride Drummer

S: Celtic Pride March to My Drum
D: Celtic Pride Karrot


Critter Patch Turbo Quinn

S: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B
D: BrambleStone Cambria Quinn

MISTRIAL 062423.jpg

Agape's Prize Mistrial

S: Old Mountain Farm Judgen By *B
D: Agape's Prize Sue Cquinn


Celtic Pride GunFighter

S: Valley's-Edge Stetson
D: Valley's-Edge D'Vine

R3 062423.jpg

Lil Willowcreek Farm Bullet

S: Critter Patch Turbo Quinn
D: Gabhran Creek Prada

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