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Lil Willowcreek Farm
Sales Policy


Goats can be held with a NONREFUNDABLE Deposit equal to  half of the purchase price and must be paid for in full before leaving the farm. Deposits are taken on a first-come first-served basis. No goats will be held without a Deposit in hand.

Pick up 

Adult goats can be held for 2 weeks while arrangements are made for pick up. After 2 weeks, a $2 per day boarding fee will be charged. If the goat has not been picked up within 30 days from the date of sale, unless mutually agreed in writing, the sale will be considered forfeited and any fees paid nonrefundable. 


Unborn kids can be reserved without a Deposit. Lil Willowcreek Farm reserves the right to retain any kid from any breeding at any time prior to its sale. Once you are notified your kid is born, a Deposit of half of the purchase price is due within 48 hours.
a. All kids are disbudded (unless polled).
b. Bucks sold as wethers are sold without papers but are intact (unless arrangements have been made for the buyer
to have them castrated sooner, at their expense) since delayed castration is beneficial to the buckling’s health.
c. We will not sell one goat (adult or kid) by itself unless there is already at least one other goat at the new home.
d. Kids are sold with registration papers or applications from ADGA unless otherwise specified.
e. Our bottle-fed kids are weened around 10 
weeks of age.  Bottle babies can be picked up prior to but not later than 10 weeks of age, depending on the purchaser’s experience raising bottle kids. If kids are not picked up in the agreed time frame, a $2 per day boarding fee with be charged. If the kid has not been picked up within 30 days from the date of weaning, unless mutually agreed in writing, the sale will be considered forfeited and any fees paid nonrefundable.


We do not guarantee the health of any animal once it leaves our property.

*Height of your animal is not guaranteed.


*We will not knowingly sell animals with health, genetic, or reproductive problems. In the instance a genetic problem is found, a replacement kid will be offered from that year or the next year's kidding season. No monetary refund will be given. Genetic problems include, but are no limited to, extra teats or sterility. Health problems must be verified by a licensed veterinarian.


Our goats are registered with ADGA unless otherwise specified. If we bred the animal, we guarantee the sire and dam are correct. We DO NOT guarantee the validity of the rest of the pedigree or pedigree of animals we did not breed, as it is simply out of our ability to know/verify goat lineage from other herds is 100% accurate.


We accept checks (must have time to clear the bank before the animal leaves), PAYPAL and cash. If you wish to
pay via PAYPAL, you will be responsible for any transaction fees associate
d with the payment. Balance of payment on your
goat(s) will be due upon notification that they are ready to leave for their new home and must be paid in full prior to the
time of transport. All shipping costs (transportation, health certificates, testing, crates, etc.) are the buyer’s responsibility.
We have the right to refuse any transport that we deem unsafe and/or a danger to the goats.

By purchasing an animal from us, you agree that you have read, understand and will adhere to the conditions set forth in this Sales Policy. Acceptance of the animal constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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